The Proof Team
Meet The Proof Team


Grant Gooding

Grant is the founder of PROOF and provides the vision behind its growth. Grant speaks all over the country in the areas of Emotional Data and how it is used to provide organizations unprecedented insights into customer emotions, motivations and preferences.



Chief Operating Officer

Courtney Chapman

Traditionally educated as a molecular biologist, Courtney’s acute attention to detail proved highly valuable as she built a mergers and acquisitions firm from the ground up as the Operations Director.  This experience not only gave her a comprehensive understanding of the financial and operational functions of a complex organization, but also her responsibilities to manage the sales and marketing activities contributed to her thorough grasp of how all departments impact the brand and bottom line of a company.



Vice President of Nonprofit Development

Katie Lord

Katie joins Proof as Vice President of Nonprofit Development and brings an extensive background in nonprofit development and marketing.  She has spent her entire career working in the social sector, first in fundraising and development with national nonprofit organizations and then as a nonprofit consultant working with local and national nonprofits.



Director of Data Visualization

Matt Davis

Matt has worked for several types of organizations giving him an incredibly wholistic design background. At Proof, design is the final step to communicate data and creating a clear and understandable translation of complex numbers is always a big challenge that Matt takes on with every client.

Matt is responsible for making Proof’s data team look good. Armed with a degree in design communications, Matt has the extremely difficult job of taking mountains of data and making it readable, digestible and beautiful. Matt is the heart and soul of the office.



Project Manager

Kelsey Barnes

Kelsey comes to the Proof team from the insurance industry where she managed and interacted with over 100 clients per day. Kelsey has a rare combination of decisive detail orientation abilities with strong communication skills. Kelsey is responsible for managing every facet of a Proof study.



Project Coordinator

Jessica Kahmann

Jessica joins PROOF as a project coordinator with a background from the University of Kansas in Journalism and Psychology. At KU she found her desire to ask big questions and understand the ‘whys’ of the world. She has an ideal background for breaking and analyzing emotional data which will be her focus at PROOF.

What our Team Members Say

The dream of any of designer or artist is to work on meaningful, game changing projects that resonate with their audience. At Proof that is absolutely the case. We laugh a lot in the office, we take our work very seriously, but not ourselves.

– Matt, Proof team member for 6 years.

Not only did I learn an amazing amount about business working with Grant and the Proof team, but it set me up to win a great position working at the Federal Reserve. Working at Proof was one of the best decisions I have made.

– Tyler, Proof team member for 3 years

I love that every day at Proof is different. Helping clients that face a multitude of challenges makes each day new. I particularly enjoy getting to see the data evolve from numbers to concepts that businesses can easily interpret and use.

– Kelsey, Proof team member for 1 year


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