Market Research Firm in Kansas City

Before there can be success, you need the lay of the land.

You don’t have to learn by trial and error.

Market Research Firm in Kansas City

Trial and error is the most expensive way to run an organization, and the least efficient way to arrive at a solution.

Understanding the buying motivations of your potential customers is most often the difference between success and failure. Big data metrics can be helpful, but they can never arm you with the information you need to win customers’ hearts and minds. There is an easier way to be confident in your market position and understanding your market opportunity: work with the PROOF market research firm in Kansas City.

Get answers to your most challenging questions, such as:

  • Why do our customers do business with us?
  • How do people talk about us to others?
  • Why are customers leaving?
  • Why are people hiring our competitors?
  • Are they happy with our competitors?
  • What can we do to win over customers who are using our competitors?
  • How and where can we market to steal business from our competitors?


How it Works

Find out the questions you should have been asking all along. Then get them answered.

Our Process

01. Identify your “Burning Questions”

02. Build an outbound campaign and deploy to existing, former, and potential customers (what we call “your universe”)

03. Cue Proof Wizardry

(Note: No actual wizards here, just a simple quant/qual, multivariate statistical and language analysis with a bit of special sauce mixed in)

04. Get Answers to your Burning Questions

05. Move Forward with confidence


Everyone has at least one burning question—and the answer may just take your brand to the next level. Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy today and get proof.



“Before we were introduced to Proof, Mazuma was facing the same challenge that many other businesses face which is understanding our members and aligning our organization with their needs.  Proof was able to create and leverage member data and help answer critical questions to help us grow.  Now Mazuma uses that data to not only retain and deliver great experiences to our existing members, but to track down more Kansas Citians that think like our members so we can grow our business.  We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with Proof.”

Mark Thompson
Vice President of Growth & Brand – Mazuma Credit Union

Proof’s brand positioning process was an enlightening part of our company’s evolution. We learned that our clients view us as first class and elevated in approach and service. It is an incentive to us to consistently work to define the Wellington experience and to ensure that it meets the bar set by our clients’ perceptions and expectations.”

Joan Wells
CEO – Wellington