Non-Profit Market Research Kansas City

Get inside the heads of your donors.

Opportunity doesn’t knock,
you have to go find it.

Non-Profit Market Research Kansas City

What if you could build deeper, more personalized relationships with your constituents in 45 days? Things like: How do we increase donor retention? How do we convert event donors into annual donors? How do we get donors to consider a major or legacy gift?

Nonprofits are an emotion-based business. People give, volunteer and connect with you based on emotions – and emotional data is all we do at PROOF.

Through our nonprofit research capabilities, we can help you have a clear understanding of your donors’ emotional motivations. By answering your most “burning” questions through PROOF you will be able to:

  • Effectively manage and personalize your donor’s journey
  • Create meaningful market segmentations unique to your organization
  • Understand what messages to send using which mediums
  • Personalized insights to your organization you can turn into increased revenue

Annual Campaign

Perfect for transforming transactional fundraising mediums into unique engagement opportunities, this study helps you build more meaningful relationships through segmentation and emotional messaging.


Donor Landscape

Understand your organization’s position in the nonprofit market and your place in your donors hearts and mind. This deep dive can inform critical organizational strategies, increase development effectiveness and inform marketing tactics.


Feasibility Study

Not your typical feasibility study, PROOF’s Feasibility Study allows you to learn more about your donors loyalty, campaign interest, organizational readiness and project success in 1/3 the time with half the investment. Welcome to the New Way to learn about your donors.


“Being a leader in the nonprofit sector is full of challenges and unanswered questions. Working with Proof gave us unprecedented insights into our donors and patrons. We were able to easily identify areas of focus, messages that resonated and concepts worth developing that would increase engagement with our donors – and ultimately elevate our philanthropic success! Proof provided solid data, strong insights and the process was efficient and, frankly, fun!”

Lindsey Rood-Clifford
Vice President of Philanthropy – Starlight Theatre

“Working with Proof Positioning has made a huge difference for University Academy. Grant and his team were able to identify how our parents, students, and alumni really felt about our school by not only telling us what they liked or didn’t like, but rather what values they most identified with. It has helped us with everything from our strategic planning, to messaging, to fundraising and more. In an ever increasing competitive education sector, I recommend this type of customer analysis for all education institutions.”

Tony Kline
Executive Director & Superintendent – University Academy

“As a result of the guidance and clear data we received from Proof Positioning, we were able to denote tangible, actionable and measurable goals which we used to communicate more effectively with our target audience ultimately benefiting area students who receive critical academic support from our scholarship program. The Proof Positioning team is knowledgeable and highly responsive. They are laser-focused on the integrity of the data and made sure we understood all that it was saying.”

Pat MacDonald
Executive Director – Black Community Fund

“Proof is one of the best things that has ever happened to MRIGlobal’s Marketing department.  Proof’s data-based approach to understanding key client segments and identifying growth opportunities has helped our management team to move the business forward with clarity and discipline.  The intellect and expertise of Grant and his team has been invaluable. We look forward to continuing our relationship with this gem of a company.”

Betsey Hughes
Director of Marketing – MRIGlobal

Meet Katie Lord.  Katie heads up all of our nonprofit clients at PROOF.  She has a lifetime of experience in donor development and marketing in the nonprofit space so she knows a thing or two.  If you would like to see how PROOF can help your nonprofit increase donor retention, create strong bonds with your donors and increase donations,

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