What we do

We do studies and use Emotional Data to help you answer your toughest business and customer questions.

Virtually every business is sitting on what we call “4 walls data,” that is behavioral or big data (analytics, demographics, purchasing history, etc.) that exists inside the “4 walls” of your organization – yet you still don’t understand the most important business questions like:  WHY your customers buy from you, WHY they are leaving or WHY a new product isn’t selling like it should.  The reason is because the “WHY” is emotional, not behavioral and big data can’t give you the answer.  Once you have PROOF show you the emotions, motivations and preferences of your customers, the answers to your most challenging business questions will become both clear and actionable.  Your path to new revenue just got easy.

Popular PROOF Studies

New Product Study

Have you built a new product or service and it isn’t quite getting the traction you thought it would?  It’s difficult to get the value props right, it’s easy to over-build or under-build, over-price or under-price or flat miss a market segment with a new product.  Utilizing an Emotional Data study and understanding WHY your customers aren’t buying your new product is an easy solution.  Find out WHY they aren’t pulling the trigger and if you need to pivot to a different segment or scrap it and move on.  Easy peasy.

Emotional Funnel Analysis™

You already have your digital funnel mapped out and measured.  You know your attrition rates at each stage of your funnel.  You’re a good marketer.  What you DON’T know is WHY your customers are dropping off at each stage of the funnel.  Your analytics can’t tell you who they are or why they are bailing.  No worries – we got you.  An Emotional Funnel Analysis™ will not only tell you why customer attribution exists but what messages to target at which segments to keep more prospects in your funnel.  This study works so well it’s possible to pay for the study in less than 24 hours with increased conversions.  No. Brainer.

Sales & Revenue Research

Interested in increasing revenue?  If not you probably shouldn’t be here… Neuropsychology tells us that 100% of all decision making capacity resides in our emotional brain – that is – your logical brain is only along for the ride.  So, if you aren’t using objective, emotional messages to close more business you are losing.  Not just losing money but losing to your competition.  Luckily, PROOF will break down which messages are most likely to work with which segments, roles or any other segment you heart desires.  We will show your marketing department or your sales people which prospects to target, what to say to them – and maybe more importantly what NOT to say to them – so they can close more business.  Everyone wins.

Media Analysis Research

Spending dollars on media and marketing shouldn’t be a slippery slope – but there are too many options.  If you knew that there were only a couple different media options you should be focusing on and knew that they would would not only yield the highest mathematical ROI but you knew that this is how your customers wanted to be communicated with your life would be…easy…yes?  Totally doable.  Let your competitors waste time and money on ineffective campaigns while you crush it.