Say the right things to the right people.


Your Burning Questions: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW?

Emotional Research is a new frontier of market research that is highly actionable and easy to understand.

PROOF’s market research approach will help you find out what you’re missing and get the answers to the questions that are keeping you from making money tomorrow and keeping your organization from moving forward.

Do you know WHY your customers are doing the things they do? Why they buy? Why they don’t?

Your analytics won’t have the answer.

Not because behavioral analytics aren’t valuable, but because your analytics only measure who, what, when, where and how; they can’t measure “why.”

There is a data set that you aren’t using at your organization and it’s critical to the success of your marketing, your sales, and your growth.

Our Emotional Research approach will help you find out what you’re missing and get the answers to the questions that are keeping you from making money tomorrow and keeping your organization from moving forward.

Who We Serve

We have been fortunate to work with several hundred organizations including:

“We saw a year-over-year revenue growth bump of about 50% just by being able to focus on the right prospects and products based on PROOF’s research.  Focusing on the right prospects inside the right segments, and talking only about the things PROOF’s research taught us has been validated over and over again making a big impact on our go to market strategy.”

Sean Stenger
Vice President of Sales Operations – LightEdge

“In my humble opinion you would be absolutely foolish to be spending money on digital marketing without hiring Proof to significantly shorten your learning curve.  When we got our data back from Proof it almost felt like we were cheating we learned so much about our target market.”

Chris Costello
CEO – Blooom

“Proof is one of the best things that has ever happened to MRIGlobal’s Marketing department.  Proof’s data-based approach to understanding key client segments and identifying growth opportunities has helped our management team to move the business forward with clarity and discipline.  The intellect and expertise of Grant and his team has been invaluable. We look forward to continuing our relationship with this gem of a company.”

Betsey Hughes
Director of Marketing – MRIGlobal

“Before we were introduced to Proof, Mazuma was facing the same challenge that many other businesses face which is understanding our members and aligning our organization with their needs.  Proof was able to create and leverage member data and help answer critical questions to help us grow.  Now Mazuma uses that data to not only retain and deliver great experiences to our existing members, but to track down more Kansas Citians that think like our members so we can grow our business.  We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with Proof.”

Mark Thompson
Vice President of Growth & Brand – Mazuma Credit Union

Proof’s brand positioning process was an enlightening part of our company’s evolution. We learned that our clients view us as first class and elevated in approach and service. It is an incentive to us to consistently work to define the Wellington experience and to ensure that it meets the bar set by our clients’ perceptions and expectations.”

Joan Wells
CEO – Wellington

“Very few companies take the time or have the insight to become great partners with their customers.  Great partners are hard to find and Proof Positioning is a great partner!”

“They are able to gather insights and test concepts which eliminates waste and rework.  Knowing what the customer is thinking before making expensive business decisions allows us be more customer-centric, ultimately improving profitable revenue growth.  In addition, Grant and his team are not afraid to challenge conventional thinking and push us to think bigger and make better decisions.  I would not want to run my business without them at the table.”

Ron Hill
CEO – Redemption Plus

“As a company that relies on data for our success, I gravitated toward Proof’s data driven methodology and how they use consumer data to inform business decisions.  Grant and the Proof team’s ability to translate and create actionable insights from the data helped lead to the creation of RiskGenius, our company’s most profitable and promising product.  I consider Proof one of my “secret weapons” and have referred friends and colleagues to them.”

Chris Cheatham
CEO – Risk Genius

“Working with the Proof Team unlocked actionable insights we would not have obtained in any other way. The team was unified, prompt, highly responsive and patient as we learned how to use the data in the most effective way.”

Aviva Ajmera
CEO – Solve

“As a result of the guidance and clear data we received from Proof Positioning, we were able to denote tangible, actionable and measurable goals which we used to communicate more effectively with our target audience ultimately benefiting area students who receive critical academic support from our scholarship program. The Proof team is knowledgeable and highly responsive. They are laser-focused on the integrity of the data and made sure we understood all that it was saying.”

Pat MacDonald
Executive Director – Black Community Fund


Everyone has at least one burning question—and the answer may just take your brand to the next level. Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy today and get proof.