Employee Engagement Research Kansas City

Understand what really makes your employees tick.

Truly understand your employees by measuring their emotions.

Employee Engagement Research Kansas City


You rarely get the truth from your employees.  Find out what really motivates them and drives their behaviors.

What if you could truly understand what your employees are thinking? What drives them. Why they stay. Why they leave. Which benefits are meaningful and which are waste. What they say and what they mean are typically not the same thing…

Attracting and retaining strong team members is increasingly more challenging and competitive. With organizational culture at an all-time premium for strong talent; understanding, defining and benchmarking your employees and stakeholders has never been more important.

PROOF’s emotional resonance system can uniquely uncover the true emotions and preferences of your most important business assets, your people. A Stakeholder study will help your HR and leadership teams keep a pulse on your culture so you can be an organization of choice and a magnet for strong talent.

What you will learn…

  • Your culture definition and your culture drivers
  • The truth behind what engages your employees and what is just noise
  • How effective your leadership is and how it impacts your employees
  • How to measure diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility
  • What drives employee satisfaction and emotional resonance
  • What benefits drive their emotions and where you have waste
  • Create your own Employee KPI’s

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