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PROOF Propaganda

A collection of live webinars hosted by our Founder and CEO, Grant Gooding, to audiences of hundreds.

Topics ranging from neuroscience to positioning…

Get a glimpse inside the mind of Grant Gooding

Originally Aired 4-22-20

There is a dataset that you could be using that can radically improve your sales and marketing that is sitting right under your nose. It is called Emotional Data and it is will change how you think about your customers and prospects.

In this PROOF Propaganda, Grant will define Emotional Data and show you how to use it to improve your understanding of your customers and increase sales.

Originally Aired 4-29-20

The most important rule of marketing: “You don’t have to be better at anything, but you MUST be different from everyone else.” This rule applies to your organization and your personal brand.

In this PROOF Propaganda, Grant will teach you a trick of how to simply and easily differentiate yourself from your competitors. He has given this workshop to thousands all over the country but has created a mini-workshop for this webinar.

Originally Aired 5-6-20

Sales is a game of the mind. If you are selling to the wrong parts of the brain you have almost no chance of winning.

In this PROOF Propaganda, Grant will explain how to sell to the right parts of the brain and teach you 4 tricks to close more sales with less effort based on how the brain naturally operates.

Originally Aired 5-13-20

Fear is the most powerful emotion your brain can produce and it’s keeping you from making more money.

In this PROOF Propaganda, Grant will talk about how and why your brain produces fear and how it is keeping you from being more successful. Then, he will show you how you can outsmart your fear so you can confidently take steps to make more money.

Originally Aired 5-20-20

“The loyalty of new consumers flows to whoever has the best ideas.” In this PROOF Propaganda, The Innovation Formula, Grant is going to teach you how to come up with the best ideas.

PROOF has developed a process of using bell curves to come up with amazing, out-of-the-box ideas to help organizations pivot and grow. This process has proven to create disruptive ideas in even the most challenging markets. It is a process that we use for every client and Grant is going to teach it to you.

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