Tyler Evans

Grants Notes on Tyler:

Tyler was recommended to me by the Dean of the Marketing Department at UMKC where I sit on the board.  He told me Tyler was a rare talent with a background in mathematics and an interest in using math in marketing.  Well he was right and Tyler is built for quantitative analysis and is always pushing the envelope with new ideas for analysis and he has a knack for seeing stories in data that most miss.  He is a critical part of our team and a rising star.


With a rare background in mathematics and marketing, Tyler is a perfect addition to the PROOF team’s ability to use mathematics, statistics and emotional data.  Tyler is charged with analyzing raw data including writing macros to help identify trends in the data for analysis by other team members.


Tyler volunteers for KC NOVA (No-Violence Alliance) is a proactive policing tactic that attempts to help offenders who most frequently commit gun violence leave the streets and live a stable life.  Tyler helps KC NOVA analyze its effectiveness and advocates for further community support of this initiative.

Off the Clock

Tyler is a huge Royals fan and is having an article published that he wrote about Buck O’Neil.