Steve Sanborn

Grant’s notes on Steve:

I met Steve when he was representing a potential client as their strategic CMO; I don’t think he said 2 words in the whole meeting but after it was over and everyone had left he walked up to me and said, “I’ve been looking for what you guys do my entire career.”  He took me to drinks and we were already figuring out how he was going to play a role in the growth of PROOF.  I have met few people who just “get” what we do here as fast and as clearly as Steve did.  His background in strategic-level marketing and ability to convert emotional data into simple, actionable strategies and tactics for clients makes him an easy fit into the company.


Steve began his career founding a successful nonprofit.  After two decades of director-level leadership in for-profit/nonprofit marketing, communications and public relations roles, Steve maintains a love for communication precision. His need to know “why” has always fueled his goal to teach value and action through content creation, externally with target audiences and internally in team leadership.  Steve has spent the last several years of his career consulting healthcare, nonprofit, manufacturing and logistics organizations, which led him to PROOF and an immediate recognition of value in their methods and processes.

Off the Clock

Steve’s interests include his six kids, a life-long piano playing habit, writing poetry, attempts at hobby-farming, and cleaning up after his six kids.