Market Fit & Discovery Research

Refine, refocus, repeat.

You’ve probably thought about it before—what can we do better?


If you aren’t trying to maximize your margins with your existing products or services, you aren’t trying.

Need to figure out why an existing product is underperforming or starting to slip? Or maybe just trying to get the most our of your cash cow? Put your mind at ease and learn everything you need to know to make the right strategic decisions in just 45 days with product research in Kansas City.

We want your toughest questions. How about:

  • Are we missing any segments, industries or prospects with this product?
  • How can we get a customer to buy more?
  • Are we certain we are using the best value propositions to get customers to buy?
  • Can I arm my salespeople with anything to increase our close rate?
  • What is the easiest way to cross-sell this product with another product or service?
  • Should we add features, subtract features?
  • Should we continue to invest in this product?


How it Works

What you need is PROOF.

Our Process

01. Identify your “Burning Questions”

02. Build an outbound campaign and deploy to existing, former, and potential customers (what we call “your universe”)

03. Cue Proof Wizardry

(Note: No actual wizards here, just a simple quant/qual, multivariate statistical and language analysis with a bit of special sauce mixed in)

04. Get Answers to your Burning Questions

05. Move Forward with confidence


Everyone has at least one burning question—and the answer may just take your brand to the next level. Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy today and get proof.



“We saw a year-over-year revenue growth bump of about 50% just by being able to focus on the right prospects and products based on PROOF’s research.  Focusing on the right prospects inside the right segments, and talking only about the things PROOF’s research taught us has been validated over and over again making a big impact on our go to market strategy.”

Sean Stenger
Vice President of Sales Operations – LightEdge

“Proof is one of the best things that has ever happened to MRIGlobal’s Marketing department.  Proof’s data-based approach to understanding key client segments and identifying growth opportunities has helped our management team to move the business forward with clarity and discipline.  The intellect and expertise of Grant and his team has been invaluable. We look forward to continuing our relationship with this gem of a company.”

Betsey Hughes
Director of Marketing – MRIGlobal