Sales Funnel Research

Find the holes in your sales funnel and close more business.

Why are they staying in the funnel and why are they leaving?

Consumer Research Kansas City

If you knew the answer to the these 2 fundamental sales questions, how much could you increase sales?

PROOF has engineered a unique methodology of cloning your sales funnel to perform rich, useful consumer research. Kansas City businesses trust us to identify and segment every stage of the sales funnel and tell them what customers are thinking at each stage. We even inform you about what you can do to increase throughput!

PROOF’s Emotional Funnel Analysis will not only tell you why customer attribution exists, but what messages to target, and at which segments, to keep more prospects in your funnel. Find out what your analytics can’t tell you with consumer research in Kansas City. Find out WHY your potential customers are behaving the way they do in your sales process.

You are already spending the money to put these prospects into your funnel—let’s go increase your win percentage.

Get answers to your toughest sales funnel questions, like:

  • Why are potential customers leaving at certain stages of the funnel?
  • What are they thinking when they are in our funnel?
  • Can we do anything to keep them in?
  • Which messages are most likely to increase conversions at each stage of the funnel?
  • How much waste is in our funnel?
  • Does it make sense to increase the volume at the top of our funnel?


How it Works

Find out the question you should have been asking all along. Then get the answer.

Our Process

01. Identify your “Burning Questions”

02. Build an outbound campaign and deploy to existing, former, and potential customers (what we call “your universe”)

03. Cue Proof Wizardry

(Note: No actual wizards here, just a simple quant/qual, multivariate statistical and language analysis with a bit of special sauce mixed in)

04. Get Answers to your Burning Questions

05. Move Forward with confidence


Everyone has at least one burning question—and the answer may just take your brand to the next level. Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy today and get proof.



“In my humble opinion you would be absolutely foolish to be spending money on digital marketing without hiring Proof to significantly shorten your learning curve.  When we got our data back from Proof it almost felt like we were cheating we learned so much about our target market.”

Chris Costello
CEO – Blooom