Trade Show Marketing Kansas City

Your time is worth so much more.

All those travel expenses could be worthless.

Or worth more.

PROOF will provide you with mathematical evidence and analysis so you can make more informed decisions about which trade shows you should be attending in order to bring back the highest ROI for your time and money. Get unprecedented insight into one of your most expensive line items from trade show marketing in Kansas City and beyond.

We’ll help you answer questions such as:

  • Which trade shows and conferences should we be attending?
  • Which trade shows are decision makers attending?
  • At which shows are people buying vs. browsing?
  • What do attendees want to hear and see from us?
  • How should we be gathering leads?
  • Should we get a booth or invest in an invite only event while we are there?
  • Should we send sales people, engineers or leadership?

How it Works

Your marketing and sales departments will thank you later.

Our Process

01. Identify your “Burning Questions”

02. Build an outbound campaign and deploy to existing, former, and potential customers (what we call “your universe”)

03. Cue Proof Wizardry

(Note: No actual wizards here, just a simple quant/qual, multivariate statistical and language analysis with a bit of special sauce mixed in)

04. Get Answers to your Burning Questions

05. Move Forward with confidence


Everyone has at least one burning question—and the answer may just take your brand to the next level. Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy today and get proof.