What you can expect

  • Burning Questions

    First, lets establish scope:

    • Is your brand communication inline with the messages that your customers want?
    • What can you do to differentiate yourself from the rest of your competitors?
    • What is the most effective message and medium to convert a potential customer?
    • What kind of marketing and advertising efforts should we be engaging in?
    • What is the easiest way for our new product or service to get traction?
  • Deploy

    Based on the goals created after we establish scope the survey(s) will be written and programmed, a database will be identified and scrubbed and we will go into market.

  • Break Data and Isolate Variables

    Once the survey data has all been collected, qualitative data will be manually broken. Quantitative data will be segmented computationally in order to discover which concepts and messages are most emotionally resonant to the relevant populations.

  • Present and Actualize Data

    Next we present the data and identify the populations, messaging and mediums that will generate the most mathematically effective solutions to your goals.  Then we lay out a plan together so you can begin to capitalize on the findings of the data.

  • Translate Data into Action

    Traction happens when we have a strong understanding of what our target is feeling that is backed up with math and execute tactics in a responsible way.  Our most successful clients continue to use PROOF to continue to learn from their customers and prospects.  This is an ongoing process that typically looks like this…

    • Use the data to create or modify a campaign to focus on the most ideal population.
    • Manage the execution of the campaign via your marketing department or your agency.
    • Measure the results through impressions, conversions and dollars.
    • Make any necessary adjustments based on behavioral metrics.
    • Repeat process to next most mathematically resonant population.

We know there is a pretty good chance you are interested in learning more about what it would be like to work with PROOF … unless you hate math.  But if you hate math we aren’t going to be a good fit anyway.  If you like math and you are open minded there is a pretty good chance we are going to be friends.  Maybe listen to some of our other friends or shoot us a message to see if we can help you do great things.