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Grant Gooding Speaks to the American Marketing Association

Madison, Wisconsin
September, 26, 2019

Grant speaks to the American Marketing Association Annual Conference in Madison, WI about Emotional Data.  The theme of the conference was Elevate with Authenticity and focuses on the importance of understanding your organization in order to appropriately message to current and prospective targets.  Grant’s focus on PROOF’s work will help the marketers in attendance understand the differences between Big Data and Emotional Data and how to use both effectively for marketing and communications.

Katie Lord Speaks to the Missouri Conservation Federation

Jefferson City, Missouri
September, 13, 2019

Katie spoke at Missouri’s Conservation Federation  Affiliate Summit.  This group brings together other 100 different nonprofit and organizations and associations focused on conservation in the state of Missouri to discuss issues related to conservation and preservation of the states wildlife and environment.  Katie spoke to the group in a session entitled “Fundraising Above and Beyond- Turning Members into Donors.

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