Grant C. Gooding, MBA

Brand Positioning Expert

“A direct, engaging and entertaining speaker” that teaches entrepreneurs how to differentiate themselves through brand positioning.

Grant’s presentation on Positioning includes:

– How great brands positioned themselves
– The psychology behind brand positioning
– How to create your own market rather than compete in someone else’s
– How to create a powerful position
– Missions that matter
– Business decisions vs. brand decisions

Feedback from Facilitators

I’ve watched Grant draw from seemingly endless domains of knowledge and experience, linking abstract and elaborate ideas to concepts that are familiar for any audience.

Alex AltomarePresident - LeanLab

“Grant rocks. He has helped business owners in my classes pinpoint their brand position and empowered them to take specific actions in their business.”

Mark AllenUMKC - Missouri Small Business & Technology Development Center

Feedback from Business Owners

“Grant was awesome. Very engaging presentation and was as brutal as promised.”

“It was a privilege to hear him speak; Grant clearly knows his stuff front to back and he challenged the way we think about our brand to the point that it was painful – good painful. The case studies on brand decisions vs. business decisions were spot on as well.”

“Grant presentation opened my eyes and has me thinking differently about my business. It was incredible.”

“I learned a ton from Grant’s presentation. I have to completely rethink my brand and the direction my business is going.”

“Grant gave an awesome talk last night. Best. Talk. Ever”

“Grant was an amazing speaker! His points really hit home.”

“Enjoyed Grant’s edgy approach and how he uses relevant, real-world examples.”