Courtney Windholz

Grant’s notes on Courtney:

I met Courtney when I was in the mergers & acquisitions world when she was acting as the operations director for our firm.  I was impressed with her ability to essentially run the infrastructure of the company while simultaneously spearheading the marketing efforts with surprising ease.  Courtney is a brilliant mind with tremendous work ethic and was my first and only choice to be my right hand at Proof.  Her attention to detail is so remarkable that I don’t think she knows how to make a mistake.


Traditionally educated as a molecular biologist, Courtney’s acute attention to detail proved highly valuable as she built a mergers and acquisitions firm from the ground up as the Operations Director.  This experience not only gave her a comprehensive understanding of the financial and operational functions of a complex organization, but also her responsibilities to manage the sales and marketing activities contributed to her thorough grasp of how all departments impact the brand and bottom line of a company.


Courtney is an organizer at 1 Million Cups, a Kauffman entrepreneurship organization that allows entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their business and collaborate with other entrepreneurs and business leaders in the community.  Courtney is also a diplomat for the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce.

Off the Clock:

Courtney enjoys traveling, playing kickball, volleyball, soccer, and listening to live music.  She also enjoys volunteering for the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce.

Courtney in the News