Cameron Wall

Grant’s notes on Cameron:

Our analysts have developed a reputation with clients and have been referred to as our “Whiz Kids.”  We take the analysts we bring in to Proof Positioning very seriously.  We teach them our way of thinking early on and we don’t have to un-teach bad habits or old ways of looking at big data or behavioral data.  Often young, they are at the top of their peer group, have extraordinary achievements and show strong willingness to think outside the box.

Cameron, has a background in finance and has switched his career path to linguistics making him an ideal skill set to head up our qualitative analysis.  Cameron has an insatiable mind and seems to somehow be well-informed in damn near every subject.  He has an uncommon penchant for learning and he puts others before himself… basically, he is better person than the rest of us.


Cameron Wall attended the University of South Carolina as a McNair Scholar and is studying International Business, economics and philosophy.

Cameron served as the co-president of the student advisory council responsible for overseeing the universitys International Business major, ranked #1 in the nation for over fifteen years. In addition to turning qualitative data into objective metrics, Cameron has garnered hard data skills working in financial analytics.

Passionate about language and international development, he is currently on study abroad for two semesters at Université Paris-Dauphine in France.

In his free time, Cameron likes to read philosophy and study international languages and trade. Talk to him about Hegel. Or dont. 

Off the Clock:

Cameron likes to read and studies international languages.  Not joking.  He really does.