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8 key ingredients to a killer pitch

Recently I worked with some startups for LaunchKC and several folks asked me if I had my pitch “system” written down. But after working with hundreds of inventors and entrepreneurs and sitting in on literally thousands of pitches I have seen some consistencies with those that work and those that don’t.I hadn’t, so I thought […]

Your Wimpy Brand Needs to Pick a Fight

Think about your three biggest competitors. … Got ‘em? Now, what do you say when a potential customer asks you why they should do business with you instead of them? More often than not your response contains subjective and ineffective language. You say things like “x years in business, trusted leader, great customer service, quality, […]

Stop Drinking the ‘Competitive Advantage’ Kool-Aid

Your competitive advantage doesn’t exist anymore. Not only is this true but the whole concept of “competitive advantage” as you understand it likely doesn’t exist either. What’s taken its place is a cool new thing called “transient advantage.” Transient advantage is what happens when technology exponentially advances to the point that “cutting edge” perpetually becomes […]

Narrow Your Focus to Win on an Exit

At the time it wasn’t quite so obvious, but now I realize that I was incredibly fortunate to spend the first part of my career in small-market mergers and acquisitions. Turns out it’s an arena where one can acquire an incredible depth and breadth of business knowledge. On an almost daily basis, I was learning […]