Advertising Research Firm Kansas City

Say the right things to the right leads, every time.

1 in 1,083,000.

Advertising Research Firm Kansas City

These are your odds of getting the product, target, message, media, investment, and time variables correct in your marketing campaigns.

The fact is, you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning sometime this year. The chance of substantial waste in your marketing and advertising budget isn’t a question, it is a mathematical certainty. While there is no perfect equation, you can (and should) do more with less. That’s a double benefit to your bottom line.

PROOF advertising research firm in Kansas City will give you definitive research and evidence to guide you on where to focus your spend in order to yield the highest mathematical ROI. You’ll communicate with your customers in the way they want to be communicated with. Your life will be much easier, your efforts will go down, and your leads will go up. Let your competitors waste time and money on ineffective campaigns while you crush it by utilizing in-depth advertising advertising research from PROOF.

How it Works

Your marketing and sales department will thank you later.

Our Process

01. Identify your “Burning Questions”

02. Build an outbound campaign and deploy to existing, former, and potential customers (what we call “your universe”)

03. Cue Proof Wizardry

(Note: No actual wizards here, just a simple quant/qual, multivariate statistical and language analysis with a bit of special sauce mixed in)

04. Get Answers to your Burning Questions

05. Move Forward with confidence


Everyone has at least one burning question—and the answer may just take your brand to the next level. Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy today and get proof.