Market Research Company in Kansas city

Opportunity doesn’t knock, you have to go find it.


To be truly great, you have to pick a fight.

At PROOF, we fight guessing.

In our experience, all leaders in the world guess—especially when it comes to strategy, marketing, messaging and communications. Not that they want to. But they’re forced to—and guessing is expensive.

Statisically relevant, mathematically sound emotional data.

PROOF market analysts in Kansas City helps you take the guesswork out of your organization by providing statistically relevant, mathematically sound emotional data to help you understand the emotions, motivations and preferences of your customers.

After researching… well, research, we found that almost every leader wanted the same 3 things out of market research. These became our pillars.

Our data is actionable.

The most important thing to leaders when working with research.

If you can’t use or don’t know how to turn your data into dollars, it’s useless. We make sure every study is highly actionable and easy to understand. The data applies to problems you are trying to solve today so you can make money tomorrow. That is where the term “burning questions” came from.

We know you need results fast.

We thought this was because leaders were impatient. 

Market events, orders from the top, and other uncontrollable variables jeopardize research and how it can be used. We deliver all studies, beginning to end, in less than 45 days. Not to brag, but it has been called “lightning speed.”

Our studies are NOT EXPENSIVE.

Fixed fees with no surprises.

Try it once, and you’ll see the ROI—and next time, you won’t even think about the cost. As a matter of fact, almost every single PROOF client comes back for more.


Studies performed to date.


Organizations we have worked with.


Burning questions answered

PROOF was started by a small team in 2012 after leaving the mergers and acquisitions industry.

After valuing and analyzing hundreds of businesses, our team found a new metric that explained why acquisitions fail.

Inside 3 years, failure rates are typically 70%. The numbers always work—a deal won’t get done if the numbers don’t work. So we knew the answer was unrelated to finance.

Eventually, we discovered a question that helped explain why failure rates were so high which was, “Why do your customers do business with you?” What we found is that few organizations truly understood the real reasons. PROOF then engineered a method of combining emotional resonance testing with quantitative analysis to understand the emotions, motivations and preferences behind why people do business with organizations and a truly unique firm of market analysts in Kansas City was born.

Almost a decade later, PROOF has emerged as a thought leader in emotional data and has performed hundreds of studies in dozens of industries. They’re also invited to speak across the country in the area of creating and using emotional data.

The PROOF team of creative-and-math-hybrid minds continues to grow, and we’re always looking for smart, curious team members.


PROOF uses emotional data to help organizations get answers to their burning questions.

Who We Serve

“We saw a year-over-year revenue growth bump of about 50% just by being able to focus on the right prospects and products based on PROOF’s research.  Focusing on the right prospects inside the right segments, and talking only about the things PROOF’s research taught us has been validated over and over again making a big impact on our go to market strategy.”

Sean Stenger
Vice President of Sales Operations – LightEdge

“In my humble opinion you would be absolutely foolish to be spending money on digital marketing without hiring Proof to significantly shorten your learning curve.  When we got our data back from Proof it almost felt like we were cheating we learned so much about our target market.”

Chris Costello
Co-Founder – Blooom

“Proof is one of the best things that has ever happened to MRIGlobal’s Marketing department.  Proof’s data-based approach to understanding key client segments and identifying growth opportunities has helped our management team to move the business forward with clarity and discipline.  The intellect and expertise of Grant and his team has been invaluable. We look forward to continuing our relationship with this gem of a company.”

Betsey Hughes
Director of Marketing – MRIGlobal


Everyone has at least one burning question—and the answer may just take your brand to the next level. Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy today and get proof.