What we do

We use emotional data to help you answer your toughest business and customer questions.

Virtually every business is sitting on behavior or big data (analytics, customer data, purchasing history, etc.) yet still don’t understand the most important business questions like:  why their customers buy from them, why they are leaving or why a new product isn’t selling like it should.  The reason is because the “WHY” is emotional, not behavioral.  Once you have PROOF show you the emotions, motivations and preferences of your customers, the answers to your most challenging business questions will become both clear and actionable.

Messaging Research

Messaging research is the core of what we do.  It is impossible to create an effective, customer-centric strategy without understanding the emotions, motivations and preferences of your customers.  The answers to your most burning questions lie in their minds and if you want them to buy your product or service you must understand WHY they do the things they do.  Wanna get in the weeds a bit?  here is our process.

Emotional Insights

Most organizations do a good job of collecting behavioral data (analytics, clicks, impressions, purchase behavior, etc.) but behavior is a result of emotions, motivations and preferences and past behavior is not indicative of future behavior.  If you understand emotions, motivations and preferences of your customers, their behaviors will make more sense and you can modify or even change them.

Customer Segmentation

Demographics are just coincidences.  Most companies have their customers segmented by age, sex, geography, HHI, role, etc. but great organizations create new ways to think about their customers and find new ways to measure not only KPI’s but measure success.  If you are relying on the same behavioral data to win over clients as everyone else, don’t expect to do any better than they are.


Marketing shouldn’t be complicated.  When you understand how you are viewed in the eyes of your customers and what their emotions, motivations and preferences are, planning the strategies and tactics you need to win are surprisingly easy.  Our approach is simple, easy to understand and easy to execute.  exhale.