We Know, We Don’t Guess.

A brand position is no longer the responsibility of marketing but instead should serve as the soul of a company and become the foundation of all business decisions.

Proof Positioning works with businesses to help them define their brand position and understand how their brand impacts their business decisions. When a unique and definitive brand position has been established, tactical execution of day-to-day business operations, advertising, messaging, creative and public relations become easy.  Most business owners think of their brand as a silo that their marketing department is responsible for but a company’s brand position is what brings solidarity and drives the vision and decision making of the entire company.

The most difficult part of leading a company is providing consistent and disciplined vision and decision making.  Proof Positioning provides that discipline through strategic leadership keeping the company vision and tactical execution accountable to the strategy that is outlined by the unique brand position.  The Proof Positioning team will provide insights based on outcomes from their research methodologies and aid in sourcing or executing tactics using the research as a guide.